About Us:

Setup in response to an increasing demand for our Aerial Surveying services, ViewSnap was formed to exclusively manage the delivery of our UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and 360° imaging facilities.

Using an array of cutting edge Drones and 360 camera equipment, our pilots have many years of experience in surveying from Military Bases, Phone Masts and Waterways to leading Blue Chip Retailers.

After successfully integrating the use of these technologies into our workflow, the increased quality of data from using one or both of these services in tandem, has driven a number of our clients to expand their requirements for them.

Combined with the ever increasing legislation to operate UAVs for commercial means, now was the time to give these disciplines their own dedicated resource.

Although an exciting and flexible platform, UAVs and their use are strictly controlled making it essential to use only CAA certified providers such as ours to ensure all works are carried out legally.

When instructing ViewSnap to deliver an aerial service, you can be assured that our CAA approved Pilots and fully insured Drones will carry out all required safety protocols before, during and after the job to ensure your requirements are delivered in full compliance of all legal obligations.

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