University of Cambridge Sport:

Approaching us with a challenging brief, we had to come up with a tour that was able to visit 3 separate locations spread across the city of Cambridge. By combining our in-house UAV and Graphic Creation facilities we achieved this using a combination of easy to use navigational options. Whether you choose to fly above the famous Cambridge Skyline via aerial 360, use the Custom Map graphics or animated menu, all 3 locations are seamlessly bound together with all their facilities displayed at their best. Add in a wealth of pull up information built in and this was a tour that exceeded the brief and clients expectations.

The Pitt Building:

The University Press Cambridge approached us to assist in promoting their Conference facilities at the renowned Pitt Building via a bespoke Virtual Tour. The finished Tour features a selectable Location Map, Contact Details, Floor Plan and Room seating Plans. All this plus the ability to read and download the latest PDF Brochure so prospective clients can obtain all the key information they need directly from within the tour.

Anne Furbank:

Located in Buckden High Street, Anne Furbank is an Aladdin’s cave who’s extensive range of Women’s Wear lies hidden behind its unassuming exterior. To overcome this, we were commissioned to create a simple custom Virtual Tour for their Website. Once again the client expectations were exceeded rather than met.

American Cemetery Cambridge:

Located on the outskirts of Cambridge, The American Cemetery in Madingly is a monument to the men and women who gave their lives defending Europe during WW2. With many relatives and loved ones back in America perhaps unable to make the journey to pay their respects, we have started putting together this demo with the aim of offering the Cemetery the finished version as a thank you. All imagery and material in this demo are the property of the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Aerial Roof Survey:

Here at ViewSnap we never pass up the opportunity to make a little film. This one was taken during a recent Chimney condition Survey to avoid the cost, disruption and potential damage of manually inspecting it. An old Thatched Cottage, we filmed and photographed the chimney in under an hour and as a bonus, presented the owner with their own aerial photo to keep.

Normanton Church:

A beautiful and unique wedding venue we couldn’t resist making a short clip whilst testing a new Drone / Camera setup. Unplanned and in very dreary overcast conditions we still captured the essence of the venue thanks to some nifty editing. If you have a wedding or similar venue you are considering having a promotional video made for, get in touch for a friendly chat.

Aerial Survey:

Have a large, hazardous or difficult to traverse site then perhaps you should consider an Aerial Survey! Hi-Res ortho imagery and measurable point cloud data can all be quickly and safely captured via UAV. With our background in Surveying we can create useful CAD data not just pretty 3d models!


Another unplanned clip from testing a new camera, by using a zoom it is possible to give the impression of closeness whilst remaining well within safety distance regulations. We have a selection of Ground and Drone cameras and professional editing software should you be considering a website video.

University of Cambridge Sport:

Whilst shooting the various locations for the University Virtual Tour, we took a selection of ground and air based video to create this short clip. Used as promo material on the clients Social Media, those lucky enough to have a suitable browser can enjoy a cut down version as the intro to their Virtual Tour.